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1958 — the beginning of the story

Founded in 1958 in Milan by Mila Schön, the ''lady of Italian elegance'', the brand is today an internationally renowned luxury brand, a symbol of distinctly Italian craftsmanship and aesthetics. Thanks to the vision of its founder, whose most famous stylistic invention remains the
double, the Mila Schön brand was among the first to broaden the field of action from clothing to lifestyle and design, producing over the years a vast range of extra-sector collaborations and throughout its history it has won important awards such as the Neiman Marcus Award, reserved for the figures who have most influenced world fashion over the years.

1992 — a new era

The Mila Schön maison remains firmly anchored to a contemporary aesthetic vision and to the excellence of the productions even after, in 1992,
the founder decides to pass the baton to the Japanese group Itochu, continuing to work for the brand until the last show in February 2008, before her death.

Until 2022, the Itochu group has always maintained the Atelier in Milan making use of selected creative directors.

2023 — The new course

From the Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 collection, the newco Cofedo led by Barbara Gabarrini Confalonieri and Guido Formilli Fendi signs a global strategic partnership with the Japanese group, with a long-term development plan, envisaging important investments in terms of style, with the appointment of the new creative director Marc Audibet, distribution and image.
Mila Schön's international presence is currently based on a distribution strategy that favors the wholesale channel through a careful selection of the main department stores and multi-brand boutiques.